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Oh dear, it's Christmas again

First off: Merry Christmas!

I still haven't finished the art for this post. Life, I tell you. What's more embarrassing is that actually, this is the same line art from last year's Christmas post, which I never finished. This year I decided to post it anyway. Dec 2020: line art. Dec 2021: background colours. Coming in 2022.... a finished piece!! Amazing, right? (Okay, YOU try being a parent!)

Also, the update is, I HAVE WRITTEN TWO SEQUELS. What I mean is, the sequel is so giant, it turns out, that I am going to split it into 2. Yes, I already have.

So good news everybody! Secretly, I wanted a trilogy, and now, you're getting one! Haha!

(We'll ignore the part where this means twice the editing. Because I've already done twice the work of writing, so at least that part is out of the way. Win!)

So, this week I'll be making merry with my family, and I hope you are too! Cheers! May the hope of Christ abound in your life! And to go with, a little light-hearted scene of Christmassy spirit. Yes, he can smile :)


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