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Arting a lot and loving it!

Lately I've been trying to get back to my roots, particularly the roots related to doing art on a regular basis. I used to do a ridiculous amount of mostly pencil sketching, and these days it's a rare occasion.

*Theatrical voice* UNTIL NOW.

But I am, though, I'm trying to get back into the habit, and I've really been starting to enjoy my Apple Pencil and my iPad. At first it felt like it was just trying to kill me with frustration, especially since I already have a Wacom tablet and stylus I love, but haven't been able to use much since my old laptop began to run slower... and slower...

But now I'm getting the hang of 'painting' with Apple's pencil. It's not bad.

And here are the results!

I am not sure I can communicate the feeling of immense satisfaction that I get from a well-drawn sketch. I just finished one up that I abandoned long ago, and now I’ve been returning to it all day just to savor it. Maybe it’s not about all the marketing crap that I’m getting all wound up over, maybe it’s just about doing the thing that you love to do, and enjoying the feeling you get from it. I want to share stuff but I don’t want that to be the reason for doing it, you know?

Also, I'm thinking about a sticker book situation. I don't even know why I'm so pumped about it (probably my present daily company), but to that end I've been doing some environment art. Which is not something I do. I hate backgrounds, generally speaking. But we all need to make progress, right?


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