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Going on hiatus for the summer...

Well it's happened - I have taken too much onto my plate and now, I have to be that person. I'm taking a break. Never mind that it comes just as I seem to be gaining momentum! There will still be updates, just not on the weekly Thursday Read-Day commitment, as the read-along is on pause for now (more details below).

The terrible truth is that I have burned through all my current art, and all my back-up art, and I still don't have enough hours in the week to create new art every week - and since every week's story release needs art (I think), I'm just going to have to take a break.

Plus, an interesting thing happened. A few days after I made the decision to take a break, I had the strongest creative urge I have had in a long time, like an unstoppable itch, a bug in my brain that just wouldn't be quiet. For months I've been struggling with 'being in the mood' to create - and now suddenly, with the pressure of Thursday Read-Day lifted, all I want to do is create. Go figure.

I plan to be back to releasing story sections in September. But if things go really well on the art front, I may start sooner. Time will tell. The story is fully released up until the end of Episode Three - two more episodes to go, and the whole thing will be up for viewing. Not a terrible place to take a pause, really. Especially because that may set me up with good timing for releasing BOOK 2 (trumpets, tubas!), probably in the new year. File that away, dear readers.

I did have one of my special reader people finish reading Book 2 this week, and she had lots of very positive feedback! So stay tuned, friends, the work is getting done!

Anyway. The pic with this blog is precisely the LAST random usable art I had left before I had to create something from scratch, and so here it is. Breakfast with Spade and Reo.


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