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It turns out I’ve been writing a trilogy…

So if any of you have been waiting through this long process with me, you know it's been a while since I released the first book. Where is the sequel? Is it ever coming?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it turns out the second book I was writing turned into TWO books. So now, in accordance with my first hopes for this series, we have a trilogy! And, though it's been a long wait, there will be a double reward! And hopefully you can pardon me for the (double) time it's taking to finish them both.

No dates yet, though, sorry readers. I am finished the first draft of both books, but the plot-hole-editing process may take some time. Keep in the loop by liking my Facebook page or joining the mailing list! Plus I’m thinking of expanding to Instagram… we’ll see.

I'm so looking forward to being done the initial writing process and having some time to work on supporting art and other enriching devices while my stupendous team of readers does some reading. It's gonna be a party, I tell you. I'm talking wine, my drawing pad, maybe even chocolate... possibly new slippers??!

Oh yes. I am ready.

The art for this post is random practice for me, in this case, working on sea and sky-vista skills. It took me about 3 complete delete-and-retries and many more half-deletes. I tell you, oceans are hard. Here’s to practicing more art while I wait for readers to read!

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Rachelle Shonwise
Rachelle Shonwise
30 janv. 2023

Yee haw, super excited for the 20th! 😁

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