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Happy Halloween!

Awoooo! (...maybe?)

Ok, so it doesn't really look like a wolf.

But I was super happy with my pumpkin this year, considering I did it without any planning in about ten minutes. I was thinking wolf skull, but then I didn’t want to have round skull eyes - anyway, for a very fast-and-furious pumpkin I quite like it.

Only this year, I tried to be super prepared, so I bought a pumpkin about 2 weeks early, after citing some random internet source on how pumpkins will keep 30-90 days.

It did not keep 30-90 days.

In fact, once I carved it, it took about 1.5 days to grow enough white mould inside to be a mini-replica of the spider lair from LOTR - the bottom of the lid literally had a long white beard when I opened it.

And then, one night on the deck later,


It’s awful. It’s a tragedy.

The moral of the story is, don’t bother being prepared for Halloween.

Unless it’s to make a wolf hat!

Oh yes, I know, this bad boy took me way, way too long. Many hours that could have been spent writing.

Good thing it's November after tonight! And there's no such things as time-consuming Christmas crafts...

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