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Meet Sarla. Sarla doesn't kill people.

She just likes to put them in extreme circumstances, and then watch how they perform.

Sarla, a master of Carcerem Island

In fact, she'd prefer if they kept their looks intact. Nothing quite as pretty as a fighter fresh from the ring, blood, sweat and all. Not conventional beauty, perhaps, but vivid. And if they don't make it out, well, then they aren't up to standard. She doesn't set the rules, she didn't legalize blades, or Dust, or the extracurricular substances so common in the league. She just makes sure her fighters are up to snuff, generally with aggressive culling.

What? She has a softer side, too. She likes red wine, and long walks on the beach. She's regretted her loss of her favourite fighter, Spade, ever since she was parted from him. He'd been her first, yes, and her best, and they'd had a special connection. In hindsight, the pretty penny he'd fetched fell woefully short of his value.


Acquiring things is one of Sarla's talents. If it takes the death of a switch or two, so be it. She is patient. She need not rush.

(If you're wondering what's going on, and what happened to the normal blog style, it's ok, don't panic. I simply felt like introducing a character, that's all.)

(I think I'll do more.)


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