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Monster Mag: Reaper

I present to you - The Reaper! A co-star in my current 'production'.

In anticipation of possibly contributing to a monster magazine, and also because I needed to get some concept art for this creature done, I took up the old tablet and stylus this past week.

I'm reluctant to talk about it (spoilers!!). Yes it's part of The Meddler universe. The Reaper logo for Spade's team is based directly on this creature.

AND... this particular scene is for an animation I'm working on. It'll likely be about 4-5 min long, a quick character dialogue. Completion date is way out there, because I need to finish The Meddler sequel first, and frankly, though this project is something I'm passionate about, I just don't think it's worth devoting hardcore hours to it, not with other important things in the hopper. After all, the end product will only be enjoyed for a few minutes. A book takes hours to consume, at the very least :)

But I hope you like it, or at least are chilled by it. A little repelled by it?

All good reactions. 'The Reaper' (from The Meddler)

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