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I met a reader. It was fantastic! I feel -


When I first started this whole 'I will publish a book' thing, my hope was to share it with people who felt passionately about the story. And I met one of those people today - an awesome, intelligent person who has many very creative ideas and characters of his/her very own. We got along very well! We might even do a little art-character collab - how great is that?

I'm hoping he/she (oh, yes, secrecy!) will see this little shoutout to her/him. Heheh. You know who you are!

And when I asked this person if I should maybe put up more art, even if it's not really polished, they agreed. And so, without further ado, here is some! (Although, this is polished. For me.)

This is Spade and *an opponent*, facing off, the original art for my website's main page. Haaah. Aren't knives great?

You're supposed to say NO, K, they're horrible violent things!

But they make for good *fictional* fights.

Spade, from The Meddler, knife fight

If, like me, you like some fictional hack-slashing, you can buy book one, The Meddler, on my site or through Amazon.

And if you just wanna stay tuned for more art and/or propaganda, like the Facebook page, (search @khubswindow) or heck, just come back here.

Also, I've recently found a great little graphic novel sequence I never did anything with, so I may post that. Soon. It's Meddler stuff. So stay tuned for it -

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