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I just didn't want to touch it.

Do you ever set out to accomplish something, and you even do, but it just somehow disappoints you?

That was me. When I released my first novel in June, I feel the empirical evidence showed a pretty positive picture. Lots of people showed up to support my launches, and I even sold books to a fair number of strangers.

But I didn't want to touch it. Or look at it. Or think about it - for months.


Maybe it's just the time I needed to recover from my first massive artistic exposure. Who knows, but the itch to write is back. So I'll be posting stuff.

And in true retro K.Hub style, I will also be dabbling in various other story-based endeavours, many of which will never survive to completion, but some... some always will. So I'm going to share some of those, too, as I go along.

I think I keep my creative self healthy by allowing these other artsy dalliances to run their course - a kind of constant, unfocused splurge of leap-frogging ideas, which I had cut away for about the past year or two, in order to do The Meddler the justice I thought it deserved.

But. We're going to try sustainable writing now, and that needs more freedom to relax. Brace yourselves. Without further ado, the first page of a comic!

Anubis comic page 1

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