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Stretching the old artistic wings... graphic novel time.

Project Tower of the Deep takes shape.

Tower of the Deep, written by Heidi Richardson, is a graphic novel adaptation of her novel of the same name, set in an early age Earth-world, albeit with flying people, like Arcmas here.

Complete with many other peoples that roam a landscape largely based on real-life Canadian locations, Tower of the Deep is adventurous, family-centered, and full of flight and fight.

It'll be a while yet, but I'll keep you updated :)

It's always good to stretch the artistic wings, too. Drawing for other people really helps to hone your skills, as you're usually doing stuff you wouldn't otherwise.

And I'll be honing those wing skills, fo sho.

Arcmas, in Tower of the Deep (Heidi Richardson, art by K. Hubschmid)

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