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Sequel draft at 30%, stories available on wattpad, and arting vids.

New planets, spaceships, hoverboards, changelings, aliens. Yep. It's been a busy writing


1. The sequel to THE MEDDLER is maybe 30% of the way through the first draft. Although right now, me and it are not friends. Darn it, book! Write yourself!

2. Meanwhile, I've finished a sci-fi short story, to take a breather. I'll be posting it soon as I whip up some story art (which I'm beginning now. Wish me speed and productivity!)

I think I might video the art process and post it. Why not?

3. And - Wattpad. Pending permission of my co-author (you know who you are), I'm thinking of uploading chapters of our sci-fi novel, currently titled Svei (a more accurate title would be How To Escape Your Planet Without Legal Spaceflight, perhaps). Want to follow along?

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Plus I will be adding the short story for the above art, which I think I'll call John Hurt. For... reasons :)

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