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Book launches! And: The Meddler graces the shelves of Pandora's Boox & Tea!

Just hanging out in a great book store and... hey, look at that. What's that?

It's a book. Looks unconventional - but what a cover! Perhaps I'll look closer -

It is interesting. The Meddler? Who could The Meddler be?

It's no good. Even under the full force of my penetrating gaze, the book refuses to divulge any information. Guess I'll have to pick it up and... READ IT 0.o ( Or, details here )

Or, listen to it! I will be reading said book ALOUD in Pandora's Boox & Tea (Olds, AB) on Thursday July 20th, 6 pm. There will be much book-ness, much tea (if you like), much signing of books, much confusing of all non-participating patrons - you can't miss it!!

(It's a standard book launch, to be straight with you)

There is also a prior Calgary book launch on Saturday July 15th, at The Owl's Nest Bookstore, 11am-2pm, at which I will not be reading, save for if I receive a rousing round of 'READ IT, READ IT, READ IT -' or some such nonsense.

In summary: two upcoming book launches!

In Calgary - July 15th, @ The Owl's Nest, 815A 49 Ave Sw, Calgary

In Olds - July 20th, @ Pandora's Boox &Tea, 5009 51 Street, Olds

Lastly - check out mah book teaser !

The Meddler is also available in digital (the complete book) and softcover on Amazon .

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