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Daredevil's new Season 2 outfit... sigh.

I loved season one. I have seen up to episode 4 of season 2. EPISODE FOUR. And WHY?

Still love the central characters. Love what I've seen of the Punisher.

ANSWER: It's the freakin' red outfit.

A) Does he HAVE to have the requisite 'official superhero moment' and acquire an outfit??? Like he's going professional superhero instead of just motivated-person-trying-to-make-a-difference?

Those of you who have seen Daredevil might be aware of the style of cinematography - shadows gilt in narrow lines of gold and orange nightlight... it's beautiful. It suggests lines of muscle but doesn't overexpose. It implies a lurking shadowy hero, almost a menace... a devil, if you get on his bad side.

Then there's the bright red outfit. Kind of like - HERE I AM! Can't miss me, I'm wearing a target colour for you...

B) We lose the fine lines of Charlie's face completely. I mean... we watch movie stars because they're beautiful. Those goofy black eyecaps do nothing but skew his facial proportions. The facelessness, the eeriness, of his earlier outfit's black ninja bandana was extremely effective. He had no eye holes cut into it - a stroke of excellent design that implied he was more than human (or less... bwahahaha!).

C) Boy got skills. He decides heck - I think I'll beat up bad guys. What should I wear for that? *Opens closet*. Guess I'll go with something nondescript from what I have on hand. Dangit - I have no knife-repelling sweaters. Well. Normal human clothes it is (and it happens to look fabulous on him...) GREAT STUFF.

Enter random seemingly clueless dude who's only point in the plot is to build the Daredevil suit (and they throw him in a couple times as Fisk's tailor and stuff... rendering him legit...?). NOT GREAT STUFF.

Also, does Fisk need a knife-proof suit? I mean, how often in season 1 is he in a position to be shot or stabbed? Even without Wesley (sob.... Didn't like him basically until he died but NOW...) watching his back he just doesn't seem to run into a lot of ambushes, and he wouldn't be such a well-written villain if he did. Gets ya when your unawares, like he did to Russian brother #2.

ANYWAY. Point is. Am I shallow enough to be turned off a show - despite numerous other reasons to love it - because of bad costuming?

Yes. Yes I am.

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