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Whatcha Got There?

A piece I've added simply for the liking. I like it.

It has nothing to do with any of the Worlds available on this page, and it has no story of it's own (yet). But when I was younger I drew horses and suchlike without restraint. Here's one of them.

Sometimes I think I need to PROVE that I can draw other things than what all my friends call 'dog-people'. I wanna just say, YES I can draw human beings and stuff. They're just less fun. Well I mean, people don't have fangs. We don't look very dangerous. We don't have an exciting variety of colours to choose from. I'm talking reds and golds and rusts and roans and facial stripes and black-tipped ears - I mean, we're boring!

Ok. Maybe not boring... oh no. I sense I'm gonna get some flack for this.

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