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Well, now it’s real.

I have just confirmed the Feb 20 date for the re-launch of The Meddler (Book 1) in person, to two good friends of mine who are ready to read! And that would be super embarrassing if I had to tell them, personally, that I am running late. So it's go time. As of the re-launch, I’ll be removing the old e-book version of The Meddler from Amazon Kindle and replacing it with the newer, shinier version (minor plot fixes included). Hopefully I'll have some print books made too, by or near that date, but since that depends on the printer, they might be a little behind.

I am also planning some Kindle freebie days at the end of March - so if you'd like to read The Meddler FOR FREE you should... I dunno, hang around. ;)

And here below we have Reo, a possible greyscale WIP art for the book re-print. Her hair is perhaps a little too dark but hey, it's a WIP. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It seems to have lost some of the expression in the eyes when I inked it - so we'll see. What do you think?


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