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Read-along for free!

Hi all,

So I've officially started releasing book 1 of the Carcerem Island Trilogy, The Meddler, in parts! I'll be posting new parts on a weekly basis until it's finished! Read along, if you like! For now, I'm releasing them through established sites. In the future I may do a weekly read-along on my own website. We'll see how this goes first.

Links to the read-along:

If you don't use these sites, don't worry. I'll also be doing a free e-book giveaway from Amazon Kindle at the end of March. Dates soon to be determined!

*UPDATE: Dates have been determined! Free e-book giveaway commences Monday March 27 2023! Get your 'The Meddler' off Kindle Unlimited or KDP Select between March 27 - March 31 for FREEEE!

If you're not a Kindle reader, more giveaways will follow later in the year. I'm planning to divest myself from Kindle and do a broader release to more e-reader types. So stay tuned for that!


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