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I’m doing it. Re-launch of book 1 The Meddler on Feb. 20!

So DON’T BUY IT (unless you wanna buy two versions of The Meddler because you’re so very keen. In that case, more power to you).

In February I’ll be removing the original version of The Meddler from Amazon and replacing it with a spiffier updated version. By that I mean a version with a reworked first scene, an extra scene or two to fix plot holes, and maybe - I hesitate to say this, just in case I can’t manage it by the deadline, but - new greyscale illustrations! I figure, since I’m self-publishing this one, I can do whatever I want, right?

P.S if you’ve already bought one, please do message me. There are most definitely going to be copies available for you. We’ll call it a loyalty bonus!

I’m considering having a launch party on Feb. 20, or thereabouts, with freebies. Stay tuned for more details!

Oh, and I’m on Instagram now, at khubs_window. If you’re hip like that. 😉. Updates will mostly go through there, too.

And in the spirit of the endless re-writing that is the life of an author: a piece of art for you!


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