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Book 1 The Meddler is ready to re-print!

The Meddler: 'updated version' is now completely fixed! Plot holes fixes and various corrections are DONE! In the next couple weeks I will be reprinting a few physical copies for my reader team, and you guys can feel free to mark 'em, highlight, cross out, circle, question mark and generally deface them entirely. Might as well make sure there are NO mistakes before I do a big print, this time.

Once Book 1 is sent to print, I will go through Book 2 and 3 one more time before they get sent out. Yes. One. More. Time.

Then I'll be sending those out for first read-throughs, to begin the editing process. For those of you who are in the loop, you can read this as: you will soon have a readable copy of Book 2 and 3. Huzzah!

The art today is a Spade and Reo concept piece, one of the earliest pieces I ever did for the Carcerem Island trilogy, probably circa… 2008? Talk about a long-term project. I‘ve always loved this one.

Listening right now to the new NF single, Hope. It’s rap and I will describe it as: intense, gritty, soaring. Haha. So good. I feel like God sends me the music I need to hear, right when I need it, you know? I’m still on my way to discovering how art and faith are supposed to intersect in my life, and sometimes I’m terrified that they don’t. But, with great patience, He’s teaching me :)

In summary, we are on track to the Kindle re-release of book 1, The Meddler, on Feb 20! Along with Kindle and Amazon, I’ll be releasing The Meddler in weekly sections on wattpad, deviantart and possibly more. I’ll post links to those in one of my upcoming blogs.

Have a lovely week, friends!

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Rachelle Shonwise
Rachelle Shonwise
18 ก.พ. 2566

Yay! So excited to read them, and love what you're sharing here. 💖

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