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What brings you here?

Lately there's been more traffic than usual to this particular site. Heck if I know why, but great! Glad to see you here!

To update on the book:

The Meddler 2 is coming along. It's the painful part right before you write the ending where you realize you are a terrible writer and you'll never write anything good and it's hopeless.

But onwards we march.

Also it occured to me that I have no good portraits of Reo. So here's one.

She's tough for me - my art naturally shies away from the lighter colours, but since the beginning I've always wanted her to be in extreme contrast to Spade so - here she is! Took me three tries to get the blondes and tans right (starting from scratch every time - it's a lot, okay?)

And no, it's not going to be called The Meddler 2.

But en't she cute? Yaaaaaw.

Reo of The Meddler

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