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Formatting your ebook - resources!

So, in chats with my writer buddy Neil, he introduced me to Scrivener. I am about to start my free trial, and their free trial runs on the basis of how many days you use it, not how many days it's on your computer. That means you can have 30 actual formatting days before it expires.

It is, actually, an entire suite of different things for writing - outlining software, exporting to various formats, note-adding and whatnot. Seeing as I am about to try it, I can't exactly recommend the writing side. However, I can recommend its e-book conversion features. Sort of.

Scrivener will convert word files into EPUB, Kindle and iBook format, as well as a list of other formats. If you're a Windows user, enjoy the convenience. Mac users, you will need one more program, the KindleGen previewer, to export a Kindle format. I had some issues downloading it - but I know other Mac users who have used it without a problem.

Next thing I try will be Calibre - free-but-donate-to-the-cause software that is supposed to convert everything to ebook files. I'll update you.

If you want to format your book personally, without risk of having to pay for it, I also found this blog by Catherine Ryan Howard very helpful - although it's old enough that I think software now exists to let you format ebooks without deleting all of the TAB arrows - don't panic.

She uses programs like TextEdit and Word, which I think everyone must have. She also offers formatting services, so, good stuff, right?

She's also a veritable fountain of AWESOME INFO for the average self-publisher/aspiring writer. Go nuts!

And that's all - I will close things with a quick 'hey, do you like danger?"



Maybe you don't personally like those things, but if you like reading about them, The Meddler may be the next read for you! Buy it here!

What's it about, you ask?

It's about first-year university kid Reo, and her journey through education. The kind of education you get more from being kidnapped, held against your will, and spending days face to face with murderers, powerful masterminds, and other disreputable wretches. All that will get her out now are her wits... if they're sharp enough.

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