The Meddler (softcover)

The Meddler (softcover)


Kim, reader

A whirlwind action with heart!

Amber, reader

If this were a TV series, this is where I'd start binge watching!

Neil, reader

It's not the kind of book I'd normally pick up, but I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.

Heidi, reader

It's like a fast horse that explodes from the box and then keeps on galloping all through to the end!

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Not sure? Read the first episode
for free! (pdf)

Still not sure? But these characters will love you! See?

I present, character moment of the week:

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Read THE MEDDLER Episode One here.

I'm in a new anthology!

Wolves. Winter. If you like these things, especially together, you might like Wolf Warriors III, a collection of stories edited by Jonathan Thurston, available on Amazon for your reading pleasure!

I could tell you about it, but honestly, Mr. Thurston's description is much better than mine :)

"Wolves have terrified and mystified us," he writes, "their howls echoing through the words of our fairy tales, the texts of our stories, and the deepest crevices of our imaginations..." Read more here!

Upcoming - a short story collection

I'm getting ready to release a set of 5 short stories, along with bonus art!


Military exercises, job-hunting absurdity, psychotic breakdowns, ominous roadside meetings, flight, fighting and fleeing - all of it is included in these short stories. The only connection, really, is... well me. 

Stay tuned for updates!

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