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I just didn't want to touch it.

November 17, 2017

Do you ever set out to accomplish something, and you even do, but it just somehow disappoints you?

That was me. When I released my first novel in June, I feel the empirical evidence showed a pretty positive picture. Lots of people showed up to support my launches, and I even sold books to a fair number of strangers.


But I didn't want to touch it. Or look at it. Or think about it - for months. 




Maybe it's just the time I needed to recover from my first massive artistic exposure. Who knows, but the itch to write is back. So I'll be posting stuff. 


And in true retro K.Hub style, I will also be dabbling in various other story-based endeavours, many of which will never survive to completion, but some... some always will. So I'm going to share some of those, too, as I go along. 


I think I keep my creative self healthy by allowing these other artsy dalliances to run their course - a kind of constant, unfocused splurge of leap-frogging ideas, which I had cut away for about the past year or two, in order to do The Meddler the justice I thought it deserved. 


But. We're going to try sustainable writing now, and that needs more freedom to relax. Brace yourselves. Without further ado, the first page of a comic!




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