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Storyboarding and constant artistic overload

So you know those people who start a project and just steadily work at it, and only it, whether for 5 min or 2 hours at a time, every day, until it's finished, and they've created something amazing?

I'm not one of them.

Seriously, do they exist? They must, cuz it sure seems like other writers/artists get a lot more done than me. But I digress.

This post is about STORYBOARDING. Because unlike the steady turtle who gets things done, I am doing things in my usual rabbit style. Read: I've started another project even though The Meddler sequel is not yet finished. I get bored, all right?

Don't worry, the fire is actually still burning hot on the sequel, and I've finally hashed out (what I think will be) the finalized storyline, which uses almost all of my first draft (Huzzah!). I just felt like drawing, and I almost never feel like drawing without feeling like making an animation and so: we have an interrogation scene taking shape. Yay!

(Also, did y'all know Sketchbook Pro is free now? It's no photoshop, but it's pretty great.)

Spade sits storyboard

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