Currently one of the highest ranked fighters on Carcarem Island, Lithiez is renowned for brutality. He spends a considerable amount of time being suspended, but the benefits of having him on a team outweigh the time he misses. Lithiez has not yet won the title of league champion, however. Likely for this reason, he exhibits a particular dislike for Spade.

History: Lithiez was signed, reportedly at the urgings of his brother Jaunzer, by Wren Corrender, and currenlty holds the post of lead for the Alphas. He has been active in the league for five years.

Rumors about his contract with Corrender abound. Shortly after he was signed, Lithiez was imprisoned for a year at Larkemo for the brutal murder of the same brother – he then resumed training.


Specs: Height 6'2 Weight 230 lbs

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